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Jodhpur City

Jodhpur is the second largest city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It was formerly the seat of a princely state of the same name, also known as Marwar. Jodhpur is a popular tourist destination, featuring many beautiful palaces, forts and temples, apart from a stark, scenic desert landscape. The city is known as the Sun City for the bright, sunny weather it enjoys all year. It is also referred as the Blue City, due to the indigo tinge of the whitewashed houses around the Mehrangarh Fort. The blue houses were originally for Brahmins but non-Brahmins soon joined in, as the colour was said to deflect the heat and keep mosquitoes away. Jodhpur lies near the geographic center of Rajasthan state, which makes it a convenient base for travel in a region much frequented by tourists. The old city of Jodhpur is surrounded by a thick stone wall. The wall has six huge gates called Nagauri gate, Merati gate, Sojati gate, Jalori gate, Siwanchi gate and Chand pol.

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  • HANUMAN CHOWK SOORSAGAR JODHPUR, Rudra Narayan (guest) wrote 5 days ago:
    Pankaj singh parihar bisht ji.... we are mix of chandravanshi and agnivanshi too... no doubt all of Rajasthani's are either Suryavanshi, Chandravanshi, Agnivanshi or Meghvanshi and many more vansh...all Rajasthan is land of rajpoot's only..i explored and got to know that whosoever is from Rajasthan, no matter what caste you belong everyone dates back to the same Rajputana ancestors ... so, relax and proud to be Rajasthani.
  • HPCL OFFICER'S COMPLEX, debu (guest) wrote 9 days ago:
  • NWR DRM Office, Kailash Kishor Sharma (guest) wrote 16 days ago:
    Sir, I want the train No. of 12467, 22477 & 18574 for stop Sambhar lake Rly St. All train of Jodhpur-Jaipur rout is running at sambhar lake.
  • B.Ed. COURSE OFFICE, JAI NARAIN VYAS UNIVERSITY, JODHPUR, shivani (guest) wrote 23 days ago:
    m shivani soni mai aapna ptet ka exam pass kiya or mera college rajgarh churu distt me aaya bt wha ke mangement ne humse kha k aap 35000 rupee de do or aapki b.ed asani se gr bethe ho jyegi bt hum ye fee afford nhi kr skte so hume addmision fee vapis kr dijie
  • B.Ed. COURSE OFFICE, JAI NARAIN VYAS UNIVERSITY, JODHPUR, shivani (guest) wrote 23 days ago:
    how can i return my addmission fee...
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